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Overclocking, a newbies diary
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How it all started.

Some days you are getting fed up with your computer. After Windows98 is getting slower and slower and you need minutes to just get the thing started, you sometimes make mistakes. You think after a few nights of running programs like cleansweep or cleanreg that these programs will solve all your problems. Take it from someone who learned it the hard way, IT IS NOT TRUE. The moment windows is giving you the message that your system registry is corrupted and it will take care of moving a backup to solve the problem, you are in a returning loop of backup and reboot.

Finally you have to do, what you have to do... format your harddisk and start over again.

Clean start, insert a floppy, install windows again and start finding your backup CD's.

Ofcourse, I use these oppertunities to update my drivers and bios. Just one of those nights I visited ABIT to find me a Bios update. During my search I found a link to an overclocking site and from that evening I dedicated nights to get my computer on the fast lane.

I searched to entire internet globe, browsed thousands of technical sites and tried to understand overclocking. So I dedicated this site to get you informed in a simple and fast way. I think you can overclock your computer in about 20 minutes using this site.

Good luck

Cut the grap, show me how it works.

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